My friend worked in a museum
And I visited her one day
And before I’d left the building
I was persuaded to stay
And see what they did for the public
Which was a lot more than I knew
And I hadn’t been there very long
When I realised just how much they do
I sometimes help out in the shop
Selling things or taking a booking
Sometimes I’m serving the teas
(Having a cake when no-one’s looking)!
Sometimes I’m helping the kids make a mess
Which are some of my favourite days
But it’s lovely to see them go home with their art
And listen to Mums heaping praise
When people come into the museum
They often have a story to tell
It’s good to take time out to listen
And offer an opinion as well
I’m glad I called in that day
I’ve made friends and I’m doing my bit
Much better than being at home on my own
‘Cos all I would do is just sit!