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About the Project
‘Braintree Has Heart’ was a schools outreach project run by Braintree District Museum Trust. The aim of this project was teach children and young people the art of textile design through the use of colour, shape and pattern. To help develop a number of skills including spatial awareness, logic and hand-eye co-ordination. The project also gave children an outlet in which to express their creativity and emotions as they worked through the ever changing enviroments and periods of great uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Two schools within Braintree District participated in the project, they were The Edith Borthwick School (Braintree) and St John the Baptist Primary School (Pebmarsh).

Every participating pupil received an activity pack which was inspired by The Warner Textile Archive and its collections. Each pack included a booklet where pupils learnt how to create a new textile design by completing a series of fun tasks and challenges. It also contained new art materials such as rubber stamps, ink pads and fabric so pupils could bring their design to life.

The name of this project, ‘Braintree Has Heart’ was inspired by the District’s rich history of textile design and manufacturing. This was at the heart of the local community for over a century. This legacy was created by companies such as Warner & Sons and Courtauld & Co.

‘Braintree Has Heart’ was part of a countrywide project called ‘Let’s Create’ which was funded by the National Lottery and Arts Council England. It was also supported by Royal Opera House Bridge.

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