“Behind the Scenes”

Have you ever wondered what happens at Braintree Museum when we are closed? Well, all secrets are to be revealed!

Very few museums are open 365 days a year. Those that are want to offer access to the widest range of people possible, including those who work weekends and certainly those who don’t celebrate certain religious holidays, says Todd Florio, M.A. Museum Studies of New York University. However, at Braintree Museum we do close our doors to the general public twice a week, and use this time to work ‘Behind the Scenes’.


We close on a Sunday and Monday- as well as Christmas day and many other important public holidays. This year, we sampled opening our doors on Good Friday, which allowed us to extend our children’s workshops by one day. As most Public Bank Holidays fall on a Monday, this does not affect our opening hours too much!

While we are closed, we still work at Braintree Museum on a Monday. “It is a perfect time to catch up on e-mails, deal with education enquiries and set up for school visits.” Says Laura Worthington, who regularly works at Braintree Museum on Mondays.
While we are hard at work in the Museum office, we also use this time to do important gallery upkeep. Our volunteer Painter and Decorator Dan Collis can be seen below updating our gallery space ready for our Sci-Fi exhibition:


We also have used this time to dismantle exhibitions, without causing disruption to visitors.  In the image below, you can see the process of our Textile exhibition being dismantled while we are closed.



Hopefully you have learnt some more about what happens ‘Behind the Scenes’ here at Braintree Museum, and we look forward to seeing you on one of our opening days, Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 till 4:00.

Tiffany Saunders
Braintree Museum Apprentice
01376 328868