On Sunday 15 May Braintree District Museum,
P1040296Braintree Town Hall and the Warner Textile Archive came together to host the 2016 Textile Fair.

When I arrived at 10:30 to Braintree Museum, the atmosphere was already buzzing. Stall holders where preparing for the flow of people and many visitors had already begun to flood through the doors. Braintree Museum was the ‘hub’ for the talks that where to take place during the day. The first, ‘An Embroiderers Tale’ with Tina Saunders had a fantastic outcome of 40 people. Many visitors came back for the remaining three talks of ‘The History and Development of Coggeshall Lace’ with Joan Merrifield, ‘Threads of Time…A Textile Journey with E.A.S.T’ and ‘Textile Tales – Made in Shetland’ with Connie Flynn.

In Addition to the talks, Braintree Museum hosted many stalls for the day which included Norah Stocker; a Textile Artist who is a part of our current exhibition, ‘Design-2-Stitch Diversity in Focus III’  along with long with E.A.S.T, Upholstery Skills, and many more.




At Braintree Town Hall there where so many wonderful stalls to explore. There was a constant interaction between stall holders and visitors finding out more information on the items for sale. Once you had tired from walking around the many busy filled rooms, a  welcoming Café manned by 16 of the Friends of Braintree Museum was waiting for your arrival. Beautifully laid out cream teas and cakes provided by a local caterer. What a perfect way to take a break?


Of course, last but not least, the Warner Textile Archive. After leaving the Town Hall I was lead to the Archive by many signs and of course the beautiful sunshine. Along the way I was met by an abundance of visitors all treasuring their familiar gift bags from the Warner Textile Archive and Braintree Museum. The atmosphere did not dull when entering the Archive, and still at 2:30pm people where pouring in. As I wondered around I spoke to a lovely stall holder who was busy creating some handmade wedding stationary items. It was fantastic to see that this was not just a place to buy, but also to experience the wonders of the Textile realm.

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Blog by Tiffany Saunders, Braintree District Museum Apprentice 01376 328868